Annual Poster Contest

About the Fire Prevention Poster Contest

The Houston Fire Museum’s 43rd Annual Fire Prevention Poster Contest continues a long-held tradition between the Houston Fire Museum, Independent Insurance Agents of Houston (IIAH), and all Greater Houston area school districts.  This contest is an annual competition held each October during National Fire Prevention Month.  All Houston area students, elementary through high school, are encouraged to use their artistic ability while demonstrating a fire safety awareness message to help raise awareness of fire safety education.
First, Second, and Third Place overall winners’ posters are on display at the museum throughout 2018.
The grade level winners will be on display for a period of time time as well.  To arrange a pick up time for the art work please contact the Museum.

For more information on this year’s contest, please download our .pdf by clicking here.


Due to changes in district schedules as a result of Hurricane Harvey, the poster contest submission deadline has been extended to January 31, 2018. A reception honoring winners will be held Thursday, February 15. Please check back on this webpage for updates.

*Check out all of last years winners here.

2016 Overall Grand Prize Winners

First Place:  Aleny Guajardo, 11th Grade, North Shore High School 

Second Place:  Jennifer Finley, 8th Grade, Cook Middle School

Third Place:  Miguel Frias, 4th Grade, Kujawa Elementary 

Congratulations to the Grand Prize Winners!  Your creativity and effort produced some amazing work!

Complete List of 2016 Winners by Grade

1st Grade, First Place – Santiago Williams
1st Grade, Second Place – Christopher Lombard
1st Grade, Third Place – Jamie Ontiveros

2nd Grade, First Place – Christopher Lara
2nd Grade, Second Place – Tyler Espinoza
2nd Grade, Third Place – Gracie Hobin

3rd Grade, First Place – Rubi Sanchez
3rd Grade, Second Place – Nichol Mares
3rd Grade, Third Place – Ximena Frias

4th Grade, First Place – Miguel Frias
4th Grade, Second Place – Josselyn Ramos
4th Grade, Third Place – Victor Garza

5th Grade, First Place – Cynthia Lee
5th Grade, Second Place – Jiho Park
5th Grade, Third Place – Joab Islam

6th Grade, First Place – Eloy Vallejo
6th Grade, Second Place – Bertha Alvarado
6th Grade, Third Place – Cesar Martinez

7th Grade, First Place – Bao Ngoc Nhu Nguyen
7th Grade, Second Place – Adan Uriostegui
7th Grade, Third Place – Betzy Martinez

8th Grade, First Place – Jennifer Finley
8th Grade, Second Place – Luzia Quigley
8th Grade, Third Place – Lezly Herrera

9th Grade, First Place – Jaryn Hardy
9th Grade, Second Place – Leonardo Cardenas
9th Grade, Third Place – Jaela Ross

10th Grade, First Place – Yarah Franco
10th Grade, Second Place – Francesca Fergason
10th Grade, Third Place – Trinity Rivera

11th Grade, First Place – Aleny Guajardo
11th Grade, Second Place – April Gomez
11th Grade, Third Place – Giselle Quezada

12th Grade, First Place – So Jeong Lee
12th Grade, Second Place – August Reyes
12th Grade, Third Place – Nathan Botello

Congratulations to the winners of each grade category!  You’re truly a group of talented young artists!


Thank you to all of the students who worked hard in creating unique works of art which promote fire safety education and raise fire prevention awareness… and, of course, thank you to the schools, teachers, and parents who encouraged these creative young artists to submit their work!