Seven volunteer fire stations were taken over by the city. One was the station owned by members of Hook & Ladder No. 1 at San Jacinto and Prairie (pictured). It became the Central Station. Chief Ravell assigned Steamer No. 1, Steamer No. 2, Chemical No. 4, and Hook and Ladder No. 1 to the fire station.

The other six fire stations were: Hose Company No. 3, 408 Smith; North Star Hose Company No. 4, Montgomery and Gano (another reference puts the location near North Main and Hogan);

Mechanic Hose Company No. 6, 1106 Washington; Washington No. 8, 1307 Crawford; Hose Company No. 9 at 910 Keene; and Hose Company No. 10, 205 Chartres.

The fire stations were leased by the city, and the fire apparatus and horses were purchased from the volunteers. The new Houston Fire Department began operations at one minute past midnight on Saturday, June 1, 1895.

In 1897, the city contracted with the Gamewell Company to expand the Gamewell fire alarm system.