Current Exhibits


Here’s a look at some of our current exhibits


Antique Apparatus – Downstairstphoto

A favorite among our guests is the 1937 Chevrolet pumper (see photo to the right), donated by Brady Carruth in honor of his father, Buddy Carruth.  You will find the pumper downstairs at the Fire Museum.

In addition to the 1937 Chevrolet pumper, you will see an 1895 Ahrens Fox horse-drawn steamer and a 19th century hand powered pumper (shown in the photo featured at the top of this page).




Watch Office – Downstairs

Experience what it was like for a 1950’s fireman to receive a fire call!  We have a restored pull box on display, as well as an antique ticker-tape which was once used to receive fire calls.  The original box-card file was used to look up the pull-box number and find out which fire stations would be dispatched.  Be sure to ask about the origins of the “taps” system – a term carried over to today’s fireground operations.



Antique Firefighting Equipment – Upstairs

A collection of eighteenth to twentieth-century fire service artifacts.
Antique firefighting equipment includes fire-extinguishers, and more (see photo on the left).


The Locker Room – Upstairs

The Locker Room exhibit is an immersive experience made up of a visual timeline using artifacts, documents and visual aids to interpret the fire service.  You will notice the change in uniforms by decade, from 1890 to 1980!

Have an idea for an exhibit?   Have materials to submit? Let us know!  We are always looking for new exhibits to share with our guests!