Guided Tours

About UsIs your group interested in learning more about the Houston Fire Museum?  A guided tour might be right for you!

Allow one of our staff members to lead your group through a guided tour of the Houston Fire Museum.  Our museum is housed in what was once an active station.  If you’re simply passing through, you might miss some interesting details!

Guided tours require advanced booking with no fewer than 2 weeks notice; we must have a confirmation form on file signed by both your tour contact and a museum staff member no later than one week prior to the tour.  We ask that if you require cancellation or rescheduling, you notify us as soon as possible.

The Houston Fire Museum offers guided tours to groups of:
10-15 adults
10-30 children*

*For groups with children, we may be able to accommodate your group of more than 15, however, children will be broken into two groups such that one group will tour while the other plays; the groups will then switch places.  We require 1 chaperone per 10 children for such groups.
Our maximum capacity for children’s tour groups is 30 children. 

Guided tours last approximately 15-30 minutes depending upon the age group and interest level of guests; general admission rates apply ($3 children, $4 seniors, $5 adult).  Coupons and other discounts are not applicable to tour group admissions.  Unfortunately, our  museum is not ADA compliant, and the restrooms and second story may not be accessible to guests with certain disabilities.

Give us a call at 713.524.2526 or e-mail one of our staff members for more information or to request a booking.
Guided tours are currently scheduled on Tuesdays and Thursdays only.