11 02, 2015

New Gift Shop Merchandise!

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We have a couple new shirts in our gift shop!

Click on Online Store and come to see see what we have to offer both on, and offline.


-1838 Baseball Tee

An Old School HFD Baseball T-Shirt. Gray and Navy Blue

They’re selling fast so get one while you can!



-Ladies Red Heart V-Neck

A lovely Red V-Neck for her with […]

11 01, 2014


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We are looking for a few hours of your day to help us spread the word about Fire Safety & Fire Prevention.

Help us create awareness, and educate our Community with your knowledge, and experience!

Cadets make your volunteer hours with us, Fire Fighters, EMS, Houston Fire … all are welcome!





Please contact our Community Outreach & […]

18 12, 2013

FAQs About the Museum’s Recent Land Sale

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Lately, several members have posed questions regarding the recently-publicized sale of land the institution owned for the past 17 years.  Here are answers to most of them…

10 09, 2013

Congratulations to the 40th Annual Fire Prevention Poster Contest winners!!

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Winners of the 40th Annual Fire Prevention Poster Contest were awarded on the evening of November 6 at the Houston Fire Museum! Our three grand prize winners Ximena Frias, 1st Place from Kujawa Elementary, Dionne Boon, 2nd place from Yes Prep North Forest, and Azom Syed, 3rd place from Clear Brook H.S. They will […]

30 09, 2012

Early Growth for HFD

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Seven volunteer fire stations were taken over by the city. One was the station owned by members of Hook & Ladder No. 1 at San Jacinto and Prairie (pictured). It became the Central Station. Chief Ravell assigned Steamer No. 1, Steamer No. 2, Chemical No. 4, and Hook and Ladder No. 1 to the […]

30 09, 2012

HFD Enters A New Era

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On October 17, 1961, the sprawling Globe discount store at 3030 Woodridge was destroyed by fire. Two hundred customers and employees were able to escape from the 100,000-square-foot steel and concrete building. It took firefighters four hours to extinguish the five-alarm blaze. Loss was $5-million.

At the beginning of 1963, a third shift was created […]

30 09, 2012

Protection Fire Company No. 1

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Augustus gathered together several businessmen at the Hedenberg & Vetteran Auction Mart on August 14, 1838 to discuss better fire protection for the town. He convinced the businessmen of a need for a bucket brigade, and they formed Protection Fire Company No. 1. Its motto was Semper Paratus (always prepared). The fire company bought a hand […]

30 09, 2012

HFD History

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The Houston Fire Department began as a bucket brigade in 1838, one year after the city incorporated. There is limited history telling of the expansion over the ensuing years to the modern fire department today. What is left of the history, however, is quite colorful, heroic, sometimes humorous, and interspersed with tragedy.

30 09, 2012

History is a Valuable Resource

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We believe that history is a valuable resource for understanding contemporary issues and the road towards the future. Historical perspectives can shed new light on what’s going on in our world today. In our programming, we aim to talk about the present and future as well as the past.

30 09, 2012

Our Mission

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The Houston Fire Museum shares the history, experiences and stories of Houston’s storied fire service. We believe these stories are as vital to America’s history as the stories of presidents, industrialists, railroad men, wildcatters and oil industrialists, shipping magnates, politicians, or the scores of others whose histories are taught every day in schools across […]