An escape plan is important for the safety of you and your family in case of a fire. It’s a diagram of your home. But a plan is is not enough alone. The plan must be practiced by everyone.

Prepare the Escape Plan

Start by all of the family taking part. Draw a diagram of your home showing the walls and the location of the windows and doors. Then draw the route from every room to the outside. An additional route should exit each room in case the original route is blocked. This would probably be through a window.

Everyone in the home should be familiar with the routes to outside from each room. Then plan where everybody should meet. This should be in the front yard near the sidewalk. You will know that everyone else got out alright when there is a fire. meeting near the front sidewalk enables you to flag down the firefighters when they arrive.

An important point is to NEVER go back once you get outside. do not go back to rescue your valuables, a pet or even it is your brother or sister. Many people have died going back into a burning after escaping from a burning building. Wait for the firefighters and tell them who is still missing.

Do not take the time to call the fire department before you escape. You can call 9-1-1 after you get out.

Safety Before A Fire

You have your escape plan which is mighty important. Things to do that goes along with an escape plan are:

  • It is best to have a smoke alarm in every room. If you have just one smoke alarm, mount the one smoke alarm on the ceiling near the bedrooms.
  • Test the smoke alarm, usually by pressing a button on the smoke alarm once a month.
  • Change the batteries of smoke alarms once a year.
  • Practice your escape plan periodically. Have a live drill once a year. This should involve the whole family.
  • Keep escape routes clear throughout the home. Don’t store anything in or near a route.
  • Make sure windows are maintained and work easily. These could be needed when a main escape route is blocked.

What to Do In Case of Fire

Roll off the bed and crawl near the floor. Heat and smoke rises. Good air is near the floor. Crawl to the door and feel the door before opening it. If the door is cool, it is safe to open the door and proceed along your escape route. Otherwise you must use your alternate route.

Go to the meeting spot by the front sidewalk. Notify the fire department after you’re safely outside. Then stay until the fire department arrives and tell them all you know about the fire. Stay back and let the firefighters put out the fire.